Teaching is hard

I’m in my 10th year as a teacher. I’m a much better teacher than I was in my first couple years, and a much better teacher than I was before I found the MTBoS. But I struggle with keeping a growth mindset–I keep wondering when I will finally be the teacher I want to be. Part of this is that my standards go up every year. Lessons that seem okay this year would have struck me as awesome 5 years ago. And part of it is that this is only the second year ever that I haven’t had either a brand new prep or a new school to adjust to. But still, teaching is hard. So for all of us out here busting our butts over summers, weekends, etc…keep it up, and remember that a growth mindset is the most important thing.

2 thoughts on “Teaching is hard”

  1. Congrats on ten years! I’ve certainly heard about the benefits of the growth mindset, but it always seems presented as an on-or-off thing. Have you seen anything about it being more a skill that you can strengthen through practice?

    1. Yes, absolutely. I got a lot of teaching ideas from this blog page: http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2012/10/13/the-best-resources-on-helping-our-students-develop-a-growth-mindset/

      I start the year on the first day with this video clip:

      We talk about how if that girl could totally rewire her brain, we can all do it, and our intelligence isn’t fixed. Eventually I’d like to have each student have a copy of the Effective Effort Rubric from Carol Dweck’s organization on this page: That way, when I wanted to give feedback about lack of persistence, etc., I could frame it factually (“Look, to have a growth mindset, you have to exhibit behavior X”) rather than personally (“I want you to try again, and don’t give up this time”).

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