Grading Khan Academy’s “Assignments”

Khan Academy recently created a new “assignments” feature. Instead of using the old “recommendations”, you now create assignments with due dates. Students access the assignments directly from their profile, which is good — recommendations appeared in the old learning dashboard, which many of my students found complicated and intimidating.

These new assignments have some pro’s and con’s, but as always, what I like best is the ability to hold different students to different standards.

Here’s a tool I made to simplify grading multiple assignments at the same time — it totals up the points from multiple exercises into a single number. Then it prints out a little “report card” slip for each kid showing them their score breakdown. It also automatically gives full credit for work done on time, partial credit for work done late, and lets you specify students with permission to turn in late work for full credit (for example, if they have that accommodation in their IEP’s). I am still experimenting with ways to add extra credit that some kids can get credit for and other kids can choose to skip.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet tool:…

And here are 2 videos to show you how to use it.





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