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I’ve found it helpful to store links to things here if I want to be able to find them quickly for my own use in the future. If they’re useful to you, that’s all the better!

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

  • Completing the square Desmos lesson, by Bob Lochel (and my backup).
  • Completing the square paper lesson (perhaps for use after the Desmos one), by David Wees.


  • Explanation of what a radian is, by Luke Walsh. (And here’s my backup copy in case he deletes it).
  • Visualization of sin, cos, tan and reciprocals on the unit circle. By Ben Sparks.
  • 1-minute dance video on end behavior and multiplicity of roots. By Julie Reulbach. Note that the 6th-degree function should be labeled “even end behavior,” not “even function.” Just discuss that with your kids.
  • Visualization of exponential growth (bacteria multiplying). By Anna Blinstein.
  • Desmos calculator that zooms in on any region of a graph, by @davidkbutlerUoA
  • Twitter thread (which I haven’t completely read, but I’m bookmarking here for further reading) about how to think about what a function is.

Family/recreational math

Probability and Combinatorics


  • A summary of a study on the benefits of spaced retrieval practice. Summary by Efrat Furst. Study by Rawson, K. A., Dunlosky, J., & Sciartelli, S. M. (2013), “The power of successive relearning: Improving performance on course exams and long-term retention.”
  • Some day I may decide to read the articles in this twitter thread started by Efrat Furst.

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